San Carlos Treasure Hunters Prepares to Take a “Dark” Turn

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San Carlos Treasure Hunters

I am proud to announce that this year will be our fifth anniversary of San Carlos Treasure Hunters. In recognition of our five-year anniversary for this event, myself and co-founder Dr. David Young of Young Orthodontics are prepared to have this year’s event take a “dark” turn.

The History

For those of you who have not participated in San Carlos Treasure Hunters, here’s how we got to where we are today:

In 2006, I was looking for a way to start an annual event in San Carlos that targeted kids who were 10-14 years old. I thought that San Carlos had many offerings for kids younger than 10 years old, but the older youth demographic was getting the short end of the stick on community offerings.  When trying to find an event that would work, I kept two goals in mind: (1) the event needed to have an educational component; and (2) the event needed to be competitive, but still fun for all involved.

After chipping away at several ideas, I came up with San Carlos Treasure Hunters. In 2007, San Carlos Treasure Hunters premiered with The Hunt for Arguello’s Treasure.  The very next year I was joined by Dr. Young. Dr. Young and myself have been co-founders and sponsors since 2008.

How It Works

Players are allowed to form their own teams of three. Each team is accompanied by at least one supervising parent. Many teams will have up to three supervising parents. Once teams have been accepted into the hunt, they are mailed acceptance letters indicating their acceptance along with a team number. In January, teams attend a mandatory orientation meeting where they will be given more specific details about this years hunt as well as study materials. For the next four weeks teams study the San Carlos history book and all other associated materials. Teams also visit and study all San Carlos parks.

On the day of the hunt, all of the teams check into Casa de Flores in downtown San Carlos for the kickoff to the hunt. While there, teams will be given the first of ten clues which will lead them to secret sites around the City of San Carlos. Once a team visits all ten clue sites they are given a final, Golden Clue, which hints at the location of the hidden treasure chest. The first team to find the treasure chest wins a spectacular prize, which will be located in the treasure chest.  Also, worth mentioning is that four of the ten clue locations have some type of physical or mental challenge. In three of these four challenges, one of the supervising parents will participate.

What’s New for This Year?

Well, we are not going to give away all of our secrets, but let’s just say it’s “dark” in every sense of the word.

Where do I sign up? Applications will be available on December 1st. Please note that we can only accept the first 50 teams. This event has filled to capacity within the first two weeks of the applications being made available every year since 2008. Get them in early!

What’s the Cost?

The cost to participate in this event is $0.00. Myself and Dr. Young sponsor the entire event each year.

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