Some Homes Incorrectly Advertised as “White Oaks”

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A Common Mistake

It seems to be happening more and more.  Homes in the Oak Park area of San Carlos are being advertised as White Oaks homes. If you are truly set on purchasing a White Oaks home, be sure and do your homework.  Much of San Carlos and some realtors believe that the White Oaks area of San Carlos is highlighted in the map shown below:


The above map is incorrect at highlighting White Oaks.

The first common misconception is that the White Oaks area refers to White Oaks School.  While White Oaks School is in the area, White Oaks generally refers to the White Oaks Subdivision that was built mostly south of Belmont Avenue.  Belmont Avenue, north to Brittan Avenue is actually an area called Oak Park, not White Oaks.  Oak Park was one of the original subdivisions in San Carlos.


The map below, is far more accurate:



Beware of advertisements on flyers and on the MLS which state that the home is a White Oaks’ home.  The mistake has become all to common over the past year.

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