Spring, Fall, Best Times to Sell in San Carlos

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Buyers and Sellers often ask me about the best time of year to sell a home in San Carlos.  Most buyers and sellers know that typically Spring is the best time to sell.  Why?  Many buyers look in Spring with the plan in place to make their actual move over the summer.  Kids are out of school and it is typically the easiest time for a major adjustment such as a move.  Additionally, moving in the summer means good weather, which will make the process a little easier.  Additionally, homes with carefully manicured landscapes will show best during this time period.

Outside of Spring, Fall is probably the next best time to sell a home in San Carlos.  For the past few years we have seen a nice bump in home sales, September -October.  There are several reasons for this otherwise unexplained “bump”.  Summer is over and buyers have completed their vacations.  Additionally, September and October typically provide the best weather of the year for San Carlos.  Buyers may also see an opportunity with homes that have sat on the market all summer.  Finally, many people who may have been “on the fence” on whether or not to buy in San Carlos,  ultimately pull the trigger prior to winter when our inventory historically drops.

Early Winter, Mid Summer, are typically the worst times to try and sell in San Carlos.  Listing your home in November-December or in July may decrease your chances of obtaining the maximum price for your home.  Quite simply, November- December is a time period when many buyers have other matters to attend to.  The holidays and year-end work related matters take priority over a home search.  For most people, the holidays represent a fairly stressful time.  Most would prefer not to mix in a home purchase during this time.  July represents the month when most families take their family vacations.  Mix in the 4th of July week, and you have a 30 day span where very little moves on our market.

Sometimes sellers do not have a choice of when they list their home.  If you are forced to list your home during the early winter months or July, make sure that your agent has a specially designed marketing plan that will go above and beyond in order to compensate for what is normally a slower market.

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