Spring Fling Week on San Carlos Blog: Friday

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This is the final entry for Spring Fling Week on the San Carlos Blog. Rather than feature an auction item, I thought it was more appropriate to give a heartfelt thank you to all those who have worked so hard on this year’s Spring Fling event.  While the donations given by everyone to Spring Fling are a very generous way of giving back to our schools, the people who have worked countless hours over the past year to put together this event deserve the recognition.  As you can see from the list below, the amount of volunteers needed to put on Spring Fling is truly impressive. See you on Saturday.


Logo, Invitations & Signage Patti Lorin
Venue and Vendor Coordinator Kim Kondo
Décor, Lighting & Sound Rick Herns Productions, Saier Services
Food & Beverages Avenir Restaurant Group, Catered Too
VIP Program Kim Kondo, Jocelyn Grayson, Mary Hutchison
House Wine Bill Cheney
Audio Visual Eric Boles, Mike Takamoto


Fund-A-Need Lauren Pachkowski
Teacher Development Fund Julie Andersson
Live Auction Paula Sobey
Catalog Chair: Beth Resnick – Cris Adair, Patti Ansley, April Carlson, Lisa Costello, Patti Lorin, Jayne Smith
Bid Sheets Chair: Cindy Donaldson, Susan Spinali – Cindy Clay, Liz Jolls
Early & Absentee Bidding Sue Evans, Lauri Gibson
Online Auction Chair: Kate Wormington – Cris Adair, Lisa Costello, Tim King, Jayne Smith
Auction Layout Cris Adair, Debbie McCarthy, Lauren Pachkowski, Ellen Shea
Donation Collection & Staging Sylvie Byrns, Suzy Colton
Auction Display & Transport Coordinator Pam Gallant, Kerstin Dieterich
Post Event Distribution Cris Adair, Alison Golden
Winner & Donor Notification Shannon Murray
Auction Closing Babak Darafshi, Sue Denney, Cindy Donaldson, Stuart Donaldson, Jon Kondo, Debbie McCarthy,
Pete Norman, Susan Spinali

Business Donation Solicitation Chair: Cris Adair – Carolyn Baxter, Chris Cook, Pam Gallant, Barbara Gough, Ivana Hansen, Julia Harkola,
John McAfee, Marni Rubin, Eli Sheynin, Katrine Walsh, Marie Yatco Wong

Parent/Individual Donation Solicitation Chair: Jayne Smith – Sue Datta, Sue Evans, Michelle MacKenzie, Janine O’Gorman, Nicole Roseveare,
Tara Saul, Bennett Thuener

Teacher/Staff Donation Solicitation Chair: Jayne Smith – Ilissa Best, Mona Dena, Lindsey Ford, Deana Hawkins, Shannon Murray,
Sandi Piepmeier, Kristin Reidy, Chris Woo

Grade Level Donation Solicitation Chair: Jayne Smith – Cris Adair, Robin Alonso, Erika Blaney, Heather Brand, April Carlson, Lorena Chatterjee,
Leslie Concilla, Roxana Dommer, Linda Folan, Phaidra Garcia, Ruth Gerson, Meredith Gibbons,
Lauri Gibson, Elaine Johnson, Sherry Kanadjian, Jen Keim, Jessica KnappAu, Phillip Kumin, Amy Kunde,

Michelle Mangini, Sety Mozafar, Shannon Murray, Kim Norgaard, Joy Papapietro, Surrina Plemons,
David Pollack, Anne Scholes, Victoria Tomkinson, Liz Waymire

Spring Fling Bucks Jayne Smith
Casino & Poker Brian Mendelsohn
Heads or Tails Gina Maldonado
Wall of Wine Jeanette and Geoff Price, Susana Lerner
Emkay Diamonds Martini Bar Chair: Marlene Lane – Joanne Brandenburg, Carolyn Danek, Gigi Luke, Lisa Sanders, Darcy Vasquez
Raffle Chair: Gina Maldonado – Carla Cushchieri, Paula Ebejer-Moffitt, Patti Lorin, Alison McDougal,
Anne Montalvo, Danielle Murphy, Marie Wong

Transportation Gail Gannon

Event Data Entry Steve Hunsader
Check-In Grant DuBois, Sabine Stafford
Treasurer Terri Somers, Annie Mayoss
Finance Committee Joanne Chow, Lori Hofmann, Meghan Mazzoni, Georgia Petrakos
RSVPs Amy Higgins, Mike Takamoto
Babysitting Coordinator Kathy Fulton
Bid Book Distribution Lee Torno
Teacher Tickets Gloria Darafshi
Publicity Lisa Costello
Website Kriselle Laran
Sponsors/Underwriting Cris Adair
Volunteer Coordinator Chair: Lucie Poulicakos – Tara Ede, Cindy Hazuka, Cindy Holloway
School Representatives Chris Cook, Phaidra Garcia, Lauri Gibson, Susana Lerner, Patti Lorin, Lauren Pachkowski,
Surrina Plemons, Tara Saul

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