Surge in Kindergarten Applications for San Carlos Schools

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If you have ever had the pleasure of attending the annual San Carlos kindergarten lottery… is quite a treat.  Mostly, it is a group of stressed out parents wondering what number they will pull. I spoke with a couple yesterday who had given their lottery pick some serious consideration.  The mother had historically bad luck at pulling numbers and the father had very good luck… can guess which one pulled the number….and, yes, he pulled a very low number much to the delight of both of them.  The perception is that pulling a low number will guarantee your child’s attendance at the school of your choice.  The reality is that in recent years all of the schools have been very accommodating no matter what number has been pulled.  That may change this year.

The San Carlos School District had anticipated between 315 and 358 Kindergarten signups.  They received just over 400.  White Oaks led the pack with 130 signups.  It has room for 80.

How is the district going to handle this unanticipated influx of kindergartners?  One of the possible solutions seems to center around increasing class sizes.  Currently, kindergarten class sizes have been sitting at a 20:1 ratio. The SCSD is also a charter district, meaning they receive money on a per student basis.  It also allows them to take students from outside the district limits. Usually, about 30 students who do not reside in the district attempt to enroll each year. Many of those students will not be able to enroll this year.

Mixed up in this latest problem for the SCSD is the underlying Measure B issue which will come before San Carlos voters in April.  Measure B is the $78 a year parcel tax. If approved, the measure could keep class sizes low and help the district maintain their current staff and class offerings.  For more information on Measure B, please click here. Additionally, information contained in this article was taken from the San Mateo Daily Journal.  A complete copy of that article can be found by clicking here.

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