The Best San Carlos Street? Get Your Brackets Ready!

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Get Ready!

No, this isn’t the NCAA Basketball Tournament in May, but it is our answer to solving the the question as to the Best San Carlos Street 2011. You may recall that two weeks ago we launched a poll asking folks to vote for their favorite San Carlos street.  A few streets took the poll perhaps a little too seriously, including one which managed to write a program allowing their street to be voted for close to 1,000 times in a hour.  I am happy to say that we have solved the issues which allowed users to take liberties with the poll.

The Rules

(1) The bracket will be arranged into four divisions. Streets will fall into one of four divisions: Brittan, Burton, Phelps & Drake. The winner of each division will face off in the Final Four, with the Championship round to follow.

(2) The bracket will have either 32, 48 or 64 streets, depending on the number of entries.

(3) Any street can enter.  Simply comment on this post with your street name or the street that you think is worthy of being the Best Street San Carlos Street 2011.

(4) All streets will be assigned to a bracket by a random draw.

(5) You may log on to vote at the end of each round.  You may cast one vote for each match-up.  In order to stop some of the issues we encountered in the previous poll, each IP address will be allowed to vote on the entire bracket only once per round.

(6) Each round will last for 48 hours.  At the end of the 48 hours, the winners will be announced and will move on to the next round.

You’re on the Clock

We will stop taking entries on May 23rd, so get your favorite street in now!

Expect Upsets

For those paying attention, they will realize that voting against their competition in other match-ups, may very well clear the road for them in a future match-up.

Remember, It’s Just for Fun

The winning street will earn the title Best San Carlos Street 2011.  The winning  street will also receive a full post devoted to singing its praises. Please remember this is all for fun and friendly banter is encouraged!


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