“The Office” is a Hit in San Carlos

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The Office is the newest addition to the San Carlos bar and restaurant scene.  If the first two weeks are any indication of future success, The Office may be well on its way to being a San Carlos favorite.  Located on the site of the old Paul Joes restaurant, The Office offers a great bar, indoor/outdoor seating, gas firepits, a bocce ball court, live music, non-stop sports on HD televisions and a great menu offering everything from appetizers and burgers to salads and sandwiches.  The initial response has been nothing short of amazing.  I have been twice in the first two weeks.  Once on Saturday night and yesterday afternoon during the Giants playoff game.  Both times, the place was at or near capacity.

Why has it become so popular so quickly?  Good question.  First, The Office is occupying a “space” in San Carlos that has been missing. San Carlos has the more established restaurants and bars such as Town and Piacere, and it also has places that are far less formal such as Carlos Club and Sneakers….but nothing that hit in between those two groups with regard to casual and fun.  The Office also took advantage of the indoor/outdoor scene.  This scene currently does not exist in San Carlos.  The Cantina had a layout that was adaptable for this, but it never materialized. If I could sum up the majority opinion of those who have frequented The Office so far, it would be to say that it is almost a sense of relief, many saying that San Carlos has needed a place like this for a very long time.  Give it a shot and you will see what everyone has been talking about.  To be taken directly to The Office website, click here.

Click the link below to watch the final out of Game 3 of the NLCS at the Office on Tuesday, October 19, 2010.

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