The San Carlos Blog Holiday Contest….**UPDATE** WINNERS ANNOUNCED

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Holiday Contest!

Folks, in all honesty there are only so many times that I can write about low inventory, low interest rates, high demand, frustrated buyers and a red hot San Carlos real estate market.  Just assume that the market is on its head until further notice.  As a quick diversion from real estate, see if you can answer the San Carlos holiday riddle, below.  Email your guess to [email protected]  The first ten people to correctly email me with the right answer will each receive a $25 gift certificate to Town.  Only one guess per person.  The winners will be announced by 5:00 pm on Monday on this site.  We will publish the names of the winners at the bottom of this post…….Good Luck!

It is a feat we are after….and this one was great,

Those long in San Carlos remember the date.

Vinal records in tow, helped San Carlans remember the day,

When the City of Good Living had its final say.

Don’t be too quick to Judge or come to a conclusion,

The grammar, you see, is just an illusion.

So dust off your cap and hold your head high,

You cannot win, if you don’t even try.

* Email your answer to [email protected]


This was a very difficult contest.  We had many answers, but only four correct ones.  Congrats to the following people:

Kristin Wu

Jonathan Bravo

Jay Richards

Kathryn Forrest


1961 Babe Ruth World Series Team


The first and second lines of the riddle let you know that we are looking for a “feat” and it relates to a time long ago.

The third line talks about Vinal records (thank you all who emailed in, letting me know that “Vinyl” is spelled incorrectly)…and actually, it is not.  It was tricky, but Vinal refers to Richard Vinal, who was a member of the 1961 Babe Ruth World Series team.  His “records” meaning, his baseball stats.

The fourth line let you know that San Carlos had the final say, so the feat we are looking for is on a city level.

The fifth line warns you not to “Judge”, but notice that Judge is capitalized.  This is referring to Joe Judge, another member of that 1961 Team.

The sixth line gives you a heads up that the grammar in the riddle may need to be interpreted differently, such as with Vinal, Judge and records.

The eighth line tells you to “dust off your cap”, a common baseball saying.

Congrats to our winners! Please email me your address so that we can mail your prize.




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