The Skinny on Alder Manor

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West of Alameda de las Pulgas, South of Brittan Avenue, North of Redwood City (on the other side western Eaton Avenue) and Crestview, is Alder Manor. Prior to 1950, there was not much in Alder Manor except a few horse ranches and country homes. When realtors and prospective buyers think of Alder Manor, they think of one thing: The only Area of San Carlos that does not utilize the San Carlos Public Schools. Homes in Alder Manor are located in the Redwood City Elementary School District. For some prospective buyers, this is an instant turnoff. One of the main reasons buyers look into San Carlos is because of the reputation of its schools. To suddenly have a prospective home not in the San Carlos School District causes some buyers to look in other Areas of San Carlos.

Buyers who instantly turn away from Alder Manor because of the Redwood City School District may be making a huge mistake. First, the designated school is Clifford Elementary School which does quite well in the California API ratings. Second, Alder Manor offers many outstanding characteristics which are not necessarily found in other Areas of San Carlos. Alder Manor is not quite as claustrophobic as some of the other Areas of San Carlos where homes are literally built on top of each other. Alder Manor offers larger lot sizes and far more privacy than any other Area in San Carlos. Alder Manor is filled with quaint streets, and nicely updated homes. Some of the best new construction in all of San Carlos is found in Alder Manor. My advice: Do not dismiss it because of the Redwood City School District… may be missing out on a great home.

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