The Top 10 San Carlos Streets

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The Top 10 San Carlos Streets

It has been a few years since we have hit the Top 10 list for San Carlos streets.  Keep in mind that everyone will have their own criteria in terms of what makes a street great.  For the purposes of my Top 10 list below, it will be strictly through a resale perspective, coupled with popularity of San Carlos buyers. Feel free to add your own, but these would be mine in no particular order:

Carmelita (1900 Block)  A juggernaut for resale.  Built on the original Native American settlement in San Carlos, this street is well known for large lots and unique homes.  This particular block represents the closest thing we have in San Carlos to actual estate-like living.

Knoll Drive  Large parcels, impressive homes, views and most importantly, the feeling that you are secluded back in the hills, yet only three blocks to downtown.

Elizabeth Street  Completes the loop with Knoll Drive, above.

Rosewood Avenue (900 Block)  Unique craftsmanship, slightly larger lots, less traveled and two blocks to the north end of Laurel Street.

Sunnydale Avenue  In the heart of White Oaks, this quiet street is only two blocks long.  The community spirit on this street has shades of Eucalyptus, just on a less public level.

Devonshire Boulevard (200 Block)  Large parcels, expansive homes allow for privacy and a more tranquil setting.  Still, less than a five minute drive to downtown.

Morse Boulevard  Almost uniformly remodeled homes with a terrific location.  A half block to Burton Park and two and a half blocks to downtown.

Graceland Avenue  Off the beaten path for San Carlos.  This peaceful street has undergone a massive transformation over the past 15 years.  You will not find a better stretch of large homes and parcels in a more peaceful setting in all of San Carlos.

Eaton Avenue (Creekside)  Creekside, Eaton Avenue homes flat-out sell every time without issue in most types of markets.  They represent the southern most point in the city, these homes get the best weather, back up to a creek and really have no rear neighbor.  The parcels are also much large than the rest of White Oaks.  Take a drive down this street and you will see all of the new construction on this prized San Carlos street.

Eucalyptus Avenue  No explanation needed.

Feel free to list your own!


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