Thinking of a Remodel? Here is what sells in San Carlos:

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Thinking of adding on to your home or conducting a remodel?  Here is a list of the what really adds value to San Carlos homes:

(1) The fourth bedroom.  Is key, when taking your home to the next price level.  The entry level home in San Carlos is typically 2 or 3 bedrooms, often in the $800,000 to $1,250,000 range.  Even if a prospective family only has two kids, many San Carlos families have the need for a home office.  Today, more and more San Carlans are able to telecommute a few days out of the week.  In order to telecommute efficiently, many prospective buyers are looking for a room designated solely for this purpose….and it is a MAJOR plus for those prospective buyers.  Adding a fourth bedroom onto your home should net you a very nice return on your investment.

(2) Invest in a Kitchen.  Kitchens sell houses.  Case and point:  900 Elm Street, is your basic 3/2 in the Howard Park Area of San Carlos.  The home has about 1,700 square feet.  Its on a smaller lot with a very small back yard.  Its also on the corner of a four way stop intersection with a church across the street….normally two factors that would diminish a prospective purchase price.  There was nothing special about the home except for the fact that it had a nicely remodeled kitchen.  It listed at $1,079,000.  The question was whether the remodeled kitchen could support the list price considering the other negative factors (small yard, on corner of four way stop and across from a church).  Shockingly, the home acquired multiple bids which put the home’s selling price at $1,306,000.  This home is not the exception.  There are countless other homes which sold in the past year which had nothing special about them, except for a nicely remodeled kitchen, and in almost every instance, the home received fantastic offer prices.

(3) Usable Backyard.  This is simply a question of knowing your target buyer.  The average buyers looking to purchase in San Carlos are younger families looking for a nice place to settle down.  Having a usable backyard is a major selling point for these potential buyers.  Landscaping is great, just make sure it is usable, and by usable I mean a nice, level grass area or large deck.  Flagstone patios are great, just make sure that you also lay down a larger lawn area.  Younger families mean families with smaller kids and babies….not much fun is had on a backyard made up entirely of flagstone.

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