Top 5 Drawbacks for Homes in San Carlos

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Most San Carlos buyers have a definitive area of San Carlos in mind when searching for a home.  Further, most buyers in San Carlos are very specific about only wanting the flatlands or only wanting the hills.  Once buyers are able to locate a prospective home in the area of San Carlos that suits their needs, what features of the home may dissuade them from possibly making an offer?

(1)  Deferred Maintenance.  For most folks trying to buy their first home in San Carlos, just coming up with the down payment and meeting their monthly mortgage obligations is a large financial undertaking.  If their new house is going to suddenly need an infusion of $50,000-$100,000 in deferred maintenance costs, many buyers will pass on the home.  For buyers who are looking to move up in San Carlos, the story is slightly different, but with the same result.  Many second time buyers in San Carlos have already been through some part of a home remodeling project and have learned first-hand about the stress and costs involved in purchasing a house with deferred maintenance.

(2)  Steep Driveway/Steps.  Houses that are difficult to approach will make most buyers pause.  Seven or eight steps….no problem.  Twenty steps and a driveway at a forty degree angle…..a possible problem.  For younger buyers, the thought of taking their kids and groceries up twenty steps from an already difficult driveway is not all that appealing.  Older buyers may envision themselves using a steep driveway and numerous stairs in ten or fifteen years which may create some hesitancy.

(3)  Neighbors.  If the home next door to you looks like it has been abandoned, has motorcycles in the driveway or a car on blocks, you may get some buyers who take a pass.  Your neighbors could be the nicest people in San Carlos, however, the aesthetics of your neighborhood matter.

(4) Layout Issues.  Some are correctable, others are not without significant expense.  Most layout issues in San Carlos stem from either (1) unpermitted additions and remodels; or (2) permitted additions and remodels that were done without the benefit of a professional opinion, whether that be an architectural or designer opinion. Having a 3/2 with 1,750 square feet is great, but if the doors to one of the bedrooms is located in between the refrigerator and toaster over, expect buyers to see it as a drawback and offer less for your home.

(5)  Pools.  Some buyers love pools and will view it as an asset.  Many in San Carlos will view them as a liability and as a maintenance concern.  San Carlos is filled with families that have young kids and older adults who have grandchildren over to their home often.  Obviously, a second fence can be put up around the pool, but it is still unsettling for some.  Finally, most people in San Carlos have relatively small lots.  Pools tend to take a majority of the usable space in the backyard.

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