Two Million Dollar Homes Becoming More Common In San Carlos

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Two million dollar homes are becoming more common in San Carlos. Currently, there are 8 homes in San Carlos hovering around the two million dollar mark which are MLS “Active”. Additionally, In the last 12 months, another 7 homes priced from two million and higher have sold. Below is a list of those homes.

I had someone write in and ask me for a list of the Top 5 homes in San Carlos. While I could certainly attempt to put together at Top 5 list, this is something that is entirely subjective. I will mention those 5 homes in an upcoming post. However, one home that will certainly be in the Top 5, is 19 Del Rey Court, which in this realtor’s humble opinion, is one of very best homes, if not the best in San Carlos. This property had many unique factors going for it, including a huge level lot in the hills (which is rare), views from the top floor, in-law quarters, and last but not least, top-notch construction. The layout of the home was spot-on, perfect. Closing escrow last week at $2,541,000, the purchaser of this property should be very pleased.

The willingness of builders to risk construction of homes well into the two million dollar range shows tremendous confidence in the San Carlos housing market. Here is the list of homes and their sales prices. All homes sold for more than two million dollars:

39 Oak Creek Lane $3,100,000

103 Deer Lane $2,750,000

19 Del Rey Court $2,541,000

230 Oakley Avenue $2,200,000

101 Deer Lane $2,280,000

64 Ensenada Road $2,200,000

2105 Eaton Avenue $2,067,000

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