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The California Department of Education just released the new APIs for California schools.  For the most part, San Carlos schools continue to improve on their already stellar reputation.  As has been noted in the past on this site, APIs give a very broad idea of the performance level of schools.  However, APIs do not tell the full story.  Interested parties should survey families with children already at the schools, the PTA, teachers, facilities, etc.  The reason I post the APIs on this site is that, whether it is fair or not, many buyers view APIs as the end-all, be-all of a schools performance and a number that will be directly related to the re-sale of their prospective property.

All San Carlos Schools saw an increase from their 2007 Base API Score to their 2008 Growth API Score.  The only exceptions were Heather School, which had a somewhat noticeable drop from 850 to 816.  Arundel also dropped, but only by a negligible amount from 897 to 892.

Elementary Schools

White Oaks School:  2007 Base API:  901     2008 Growth API:  904     Difference: +4

Brittan Acres 2007: Base API:  879     2008 Growth API:  893     Difference +14

Arundel School:  2007 Base API:   897     2008 Growth API:  892     Difference -5

Heather School:  2007 Base API:  850     2008 Growth API:  816     Difference -34

San Carlos Charter:  2007 Base API:  888     2008 Growth API:  893     Difference: +5

Clifford School:  2007 Base API:  804     2008 Growth API:  807     Difference:  +3

Middle Schools

Central Middle School:  2007 Base API:  842     2008 Growth API:  867     Difference:  +25

Tierra Linda:  2007 Base API:  895     2008 Growth API:  908     Difference:  +13

High Schools

Sequoia High School: 2007 Base API:  699     2008 Growth API:  710     Difference:  +11

Carlmont High School:  2007 Base API:  800     2008 Growth API:  800     Difference:  0

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