What Type Of Property Inspections Are Most Common in San Carlos?

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Inspections Are Important

San Carlos buyers would be wise to conduct their own inspections on a home before agreeing to remove their property inspection contingency. Most sellers will give the buyers a property and termite inspection as part of their disclosure package.  However, please remember that unless the buyer has paid a fee to those inspectors the reports will not bind the inspector and his reports to the buyer.  In other words, if the inspector missed a crucial item in the inspection the buyer will not have any recourse against the inspector because there is no privity of contract between the two parties.  If possible, the buyers should always obtain their own inspections.

What types of inspections should buyers get?

Inspections are expensive.  Understanding where and when to draw the line with inspections can be difficult.  I have always told my buyers to use their general property inspection as a primer to decide if other inspections are necessary. If you can find a great general property inspector, not only can they give you an accurate read on the home, but they can save you a lot of cash on other inspections which may not be necessary.

Start with the assumption that you need a general property inspection and a termite inspection. These are the two that are customary in San Carlos.  A good property inspector will alert you to the fact that, based on his findings, you may need to have a specialist come out and do a more thorough inspection on certain items.

The most popular secondary inspections in San Carlos

(1) Chimney Inspection.  Many San Carlos chimneys were cracked at the roof line during the 1989 earthquake. It is not uncommon to see this noted in a general property inspection.  The recommendation will be to have a specialist come out and give a cost to retrofit the chimney.  The cost for the retrofit is generally $2,000-$4,000.  Dean Designs in Redwood City is the best around at conducting the inspection and making the repairs.

(2) Roof Inspection.  Often times a general property inspector will note that a roof is nearing the end of its life expectancy and the roof either needs repairs or needs to be replaced.  Roofs are expensive.  The average roof replacement in San Carlos is around $17,000, so understanding exactly what you are up against is not a bad idea.  Companies that do roof repairs can also be difficult to find.  I have had good success with A & B Roofing in Redwood City.  A & B will also conduct the roof inspection for you.

(3) Drainage.  It’s a huge issue in San Carlos.  Our hills are filled with natural springs and the flats are filled with adobe clay that has never drained well.  When most of the houses in San Carlos were first built they were built with drainage systems that are now thought to be outdated or flat-out ineffective.  If the general property inspector notices standing water or evidence of standing water in the past, it may not be a bad idea to get a drainage expert out to survey the lot. I have had good success with Dobel Construction in San Carlos.

(4)  Pools.  If the home you are looking at has a pool, get a pool inspection.  While enjoyable, pools can quickly become expensive if there are cracks, drainage issues, loose tiles or heating issues.  Hill’s Pool Service in Burlingame is the go-to inspector for pools in San Carlos.

Questions on inspections or inspectors?

If you find yourself in need a recommendation on a general inspector or have the need for a specialist in a particular area, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am happy to recommend those that have done truly outstanding work for myself and my clients in the past.


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