Will the Real White Oaks Please Stand Up

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Howard Park – Red

Oak Park – Yellow

White Oaks – Purple

There is a lot of confusion over the boundary lines to the real White Oaks.  Some believe White Oaks refers to all homes that are assigned to White Oaks Elementary School.  Others believe that White Oaks refers to all homes south of Brittan Avenue, north of Eaton Avenue, east of Alameda de las Pulgas and west of El Camino.  You could make a case for either and have a leg to stand on.  In fact, many realtors, including myself, will refer to this general area as White Oaks because it is how this general area is perceived by the public.  However, the real White Oaks refers to the White Oaks Development that is illustrated in the map above (a larger version can be found by clicking here).  Acting as a buffer between the Howard Park and White Oaks Developments is the Oak Park Development which is outlined in yellow, above.  Many people have never heard of Oak Park and are often under the assumption that they live in White Oaks proper.  Oak Park was actually the original development in the flats of San Carlos.  As you can see from the photo below, lots where a little cheaper than they are today.


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