Your Property Value Has Increased? Thank, Laurel Street

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Has your San Carlos property value increased over the last year?  I will answer that for you:  YES.  However, if you pay any attention whatsoever to the national media, and even our local Bay Area media, you would think that your property value had diminished or fallen flat.  San Carlos is off to a fast start in the new year.  Many of the properties coming onto the market after the first of the year are already sold, and many sold with multiple offers.  How could this be?  As I have maintained for the past year, the secret is out on San Carlos.  Great town, great schools, great place to live.

I am currently working with many buyers who are trying everything possible to move into San Carlos.  Upon meeting new clients who tell me that they want to live in San Carlos I will always ask them why they chose San Carlos.  The answer most commonly given:  the schools.  The second most popular answer:  they love Laurel Street.  The story starts the same for most of these buyers.  Usually, the buyers tell me that they came to meet friends for dinner or drinks in downtown San Carlos and were surprised at what they saw.  Fantastic restaurants, specialty shops and a definitive “vibe”.  Upon having a good time on Laurel Street many decide to take a second look at San Carlos as a possible place to buy a home.  Throw in great schools and rave reviews by those who already live here and you suddenly have a buyer anxious to move in to the City of Good Living.

It wasn’t too long ago that Laurel Street was nothing more than a sleepy thoroughfare with mom and pop stores, Woolworths, a miniature golf course and a one screen movie theatre.  Walking along Laurel Street after 7:30 on a Friday or Saturday night 15 years ago would have felt like walking through ghost town.  Times have changed.  A while back we had one of my relatives in from Los Angeles.  They had not been back to San Carlos in nearly 14 years.  We took them to dinner at Town on Laurel Street at 8:00 on a Friday.  It was packed.  She took one step in and said, “Wow! San Carlos sure has changed in the last 15 years!”  She is exactly correct.  Besides having tons to offer its residents and residents of nearby cities, Laurel Street has charm.  In an age of strip malls, Target and fast food, “charm” goes a long way.

So next time you “zillow” your increased property value, thank Laurel Street.

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